Status of Pub/Sub System

Mar 7, 2009 at 5:55 AM
The pub/sub event system has been in production at Microsoft on all the servers for over a year now. It just seems to run 24/7 with no issues. Many people question if .Net is appropriate for high-performance server applications. The real-time application monitoring system for which uses the pub/sub event system for its communications infrastructure runs just fine in managed code. With the pub/sub event system processing 50 mbps of event traffic, it was only consuming 4% of the cpu.

Soon the pub/sub event system will be deployed to MSN properties to support the real-time application monitoring system and some other applications. I do still plan on making some enhancements to the system. The most pressing need for the MSN environment will be to improve the efficiency of cross-datacenter traffic.

If anyone else has some thoughts on enhancements, please let me know so they can be considered.